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If you find yourself in financial difficulties, the most important thing you can do is to seek advice and talk to those who master this field. That way, together you can find the best way forward for all parties and resolve the situation sooner rather than later.

Full Transparency

When it comes to money, trust is a key determinant for a successful ​relationship between any two parties.

Dynamic & Adaptive

In today's fast moving markets, it is essential to cope with the events happening worldwide, and secure profits in an uncertain economy.

Cost Effective

Whether you are a VHNWI, sub-HNWI or even a small investor, our aim is to grow your overall wealth, putting YOU first.

24/7 Live Support

Always at a call away, we'll be ready to assist you during big market ​turmoils or even personal financial cases.

Our Services

From the old fashioned Equity Markets to the latest Fintech industry & Cryptocurrencies, we keep a strong lookout for what's hot in the market. Our intuitive approach to investing makes it easier for you to worry less and benefit more.

1 | Portfolio Management

Discretionary Investment

One of our fundamental services, where we manage a portfolio on a discretionary basis. This provides us with the flexibility to react quickly to fast moving markets and changing economic circumstances. We'll agree on a certain objective with the client & a benchmark before we begin to invest, drawing on a number of factors including income requirement and tolerance for risk.

Equity Investing

Today's market is full with great startups, that need funding in order to grow inorganically and explode, yielding very high returns on investments. Ergo, researching those startups and filtering the best ones in order to come out with a winner is what we'll be doing. This will be highly affected by the risk tolerance of the investor and his personal interest in the industry.

Financial Planning

We help our clients set long term financial goals, by planning for monthly expenses, saving targets, and overall wealth growth. This includes (and is not limited to) real estate planning, tax planning and fixed income securities.

2 | Business Ventures

Startups & Business Plans

We believe entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. With the right guidance and support, ideas and startups can grow and impact societies. We'll handle business plan writing/review, financial projections, and investors pitch decks. We also provide fractional CFO services, as it is one of the major challenges for startups. It's the perfect way to bring a range of needed expertise without breaking the bank.

About Rudy Fares

Having a keen interest in financial markets from an early age, Rudy opened his first trading account at the age of 16. He later specialized in Finance and got his BA from Haigazian University in Beirut. He started working with his first investors while he was still in university, and grew a portfolio of USD 200K.
In mid 2013, Rudy was invited by the University of Balamand to be one of the speakers in the very first Bitcoin Symposium in Lebanon and the Middle East, where he explained briefly about this new technology and stressed on the importance of being an early adopter. He later got his Masters in Trading and Portfolio Management from London, where he networked with other like minded traders from Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan, and decided to grow his AUM further.
​Today, Rudy works with close investors, acting as a financial planner and trades on their behalf at a discretionary basis. He is also a FinTech Consultant at RAMS services , and a Financial Writer at CryptoTicker .

Extensive knowledge in the Financial Markets

From trading stocks, futures, options, forex and commodities, we have it all. Over 6 years of professional experience with an impeccable track record, satisfied investors and professional relationships with financial institutions.

Dynamic & Motivated

Every obstacle marks itself as a challenge. With a mindset that's always eager to solve any problem, there's nothing that can't be done, especially with an expert in the field.

Notable Achievements

Advanced Trading Workshop

FXCM - 2013

Certified Bitcoin Coach

Bitcoin Economy - 2013

Trading Seminar

Souq el Mal - 2014

Trading Distinction Award

ITPM - 2015

Art of Negotiation Workshop

Formatech LC - 2017

CFA level I

CFA Institute - expected 2018

Work with a dedicated Finance Expert

Managing a big sum of money can be stressful and hectic. Where to invest, how to budget, who to trust, how to grow a portfolio and what to do with that saving account are typical questions on every investor's mind. We'll make sure we answer each of those questions.

Whether you are an investor, a startup or an entrepreneur seeking financial advice or looking to partner with a strong financial team player, you are in the right place. Striving to always provide the best, we'll make sure you never worry about any financial aspect, ​unless we tell you to.

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